7 Signs that your home needs a professional roof inspection

It is not uncommon to spot signs of disrepair on the roof – just a glance towards the roof from a distance can help you spot loose or broken shingles, dents on the metal sheets or gutters, or a crack in the tile. You can take care of small damages yourself, but what if these problems recur frequently? Or, underneath the damaged shingle, you me feel dampness or moisture on the underlayment. These circumstances merit hiring the services of a roof inspection Company.

A regular roof inspection by a professionally certified roof inspector is mandated for maintenance and insurance claims. The certified professionals know which are the common problem areas and where hidden damages may be occurring due to roof damage. They will flag any issue before it blows out into a full-scale problem.

Here are 7 signs that your home needs a professional roof inspection

1. Peeling paint around the roof

If you notice paint along the roofline starting to look rough or frayed, have your roof inspected. Moisture build-up causes the paint to peel or blister and it is a sign that the roof area has accumulated water in that corner.

2. Signs of a leak in the attic

If there is dampness on the attic walls or you see signs of stains and mildew growing on the attic ceilings, then the roof must be inspected. Moisture in the attic or signs of mold and the moldy smell are indicators that the attic is exposed to outside air and there is something wrong with the roof.

3. Damaged drywall

If the drywall starts to crack or is discolored then before tearing down the drywall, first check where the problem began. Have roof contractors come and check the roof to see if there is any leaks or source from where moisture is entering the house to damage the drywall. Most roof contractors who offer roof inspection services have drone technology with advanced cameras to conduct thermal scanning of the roof. Thus, without probing too much physically they can spot any problems in the roof.

4. There was a storm

If there was a storm, after conducting a cursory inspection, it is better to call in professional roof inspectors to check for any internal damages. Hail, snowstorms, or even heavy rain downpours can cause water pooling and debris to accumulate on the roof that can completely ruin the roofing structure. It is unsafe to climb up on the roof to check for internal damages, so it is better to wait and have a storm roof inspection done.

5. Missing flashing

Flashing keeps the roof watertight and protects the underlying area from leakage and seepage. If the flashing is rusted, damaged, or missing, before having it fixed it is better to have the area inspected for further signs of damage. The area around the chimney and skylights are especially prone to damage and you may not notice signs of damage on flashing in these spots as they cannot be observed unless one climbs up to them on the roof. This is unsafe and inadvisable. Professional “roof contractors near meknow exactly where to look for problems and they have devices and protective gears to conduct these inspections safely.

6. Signs of water pooling on the roof

If there is a depression in any part of the roof, have it checked for signs of pooling, especially after the winter and monsoon seasons. Often, the snow melts and the rainwater seeps through the gaps between shingles and cracks in tiles to pool unobserved on the underlayment. From here, it gradually seeps into the walls and causes leakage and seepage in the house. Have these parts inspected for a professional opinion on ways to stop the damage.

7. Algae, moss, or leaves piled in the gutters

If you see algae, moss, or leaves piled in the gutter, this is because there is a blockage somewhere in the drains, these blockages can cause the gutters to weaken and damage the roof extensively. It can damage the walls and the building exterior before causing damage to the interiors as well.

Professional roof inspectors’ reports are useful for filing insurance claims which can help if there is real damage and you can file a claim for repairs or replacement.

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