6 Types of Creams You Have or Might Consider Having in Your Pantry

Don’t be surprised but there are households that have various types of creams sitting in their pantries as a staple, and there are enough and more reasons why. Cream is super versatile, convenient sometimes, and the easiest way to add the kick to your dish. Here are 6 types of creams and how you’d use them.

Cooking Cream

Cooking cream as the term implies is the type to use in hot dishes like curries, casseroles, pasta sauce or custard. It works magically while cooking in hot dishes because it does not curdle like other types of creams. Look up quick cream-based dinner recipes that you can whip up on a Saturday night and get the weekend rolling!

Types of Cream
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Thickened Cream

Just like it sounds, thickened cream has a nice, thick consistency that makes it ideal for whipping and pouring over salads and desserts. However, you can look for slightly lighter versions, brands perhaps, that are less dense, to suit your personal preferences.

You can also find good quality dairy free cream in the market, meaning you simply wouldn’t be deprived of creamy pleasures just because you have certain intolerances or limited preferences. Look up ‘dairy free cream Australia’ online to find the best.

Double Cream

Double cream is like that special one on the shelf that you can’t help grabbing every once in a while. It is perfect to dollop on desserts and salads, or stir into baked dishes. They are mostly milk fat, and can add a super-rich, velvety texture to your dish.

Dollop Thick Cream

Almost like the above, dollop cream becomes your best friend not just because of how lip smacking good your dessert can turn out with it, but because how convenient it is to use. Dollop cream is a ready-to-use type which can be simply used straight from the tub it comes in. Dollop it on a slice of cake, or pipe it into fresh pastry – it’s that easy and of course, irresistible! Just like you might guess, dollop cream becomes a staple to a frequent baker, and wouldn’t fail to stock up on it.

Sour Cream

Despite how it sounds, sour cream is just amazing because it goes absolutely well with both savory and sweet dishes. Be it a plate of tacos or delectable cheesecake, sour cream can do absolute magic to the dish owing to the ‘just right’ texture and pleasant sourness it adds to the dish. As for the best dishes to use it in – soups, salad sauces, casseroles, dips, and baked potatoes are the ones that should top the list!

Creme Fraiche

Crème fraiche, again, is almost like sour cream, but less sour or tart. Nevertheless, little bitterness in it still, and a thick texture, it becomes ideal to use in tarts, puddings and cakes. Since it doesn’t curdle, it can be added in hot dishes, while or at the end of the cooking process.

It can sometimes be tough deciding exactly which cream to use in a specific dish – savory or sweet. The best advice would be to follow the exact recipes. Unless you have found the tested hacks where you replace the given type of cream to get stunning results!

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