5 interactive fitness equipment that will be perfect for teenagers

Sitting is the cancer of our generation and children are also badly entrapped as technology has made life easier for them. Where they had to go to the library to find books, they can get all their information sitting in front of their laptops. Going out to play has been replaced by playing video games. All these sedentary habits coupled with poor eating habits and addiction to smartphones affect the children’s physical and mental health.

Boys & girls club teen exercise were not attracting wholesome participation until exergaming equipment were introduced. Many interesting types of equipment use video games, augmented reality, and virtual reality to pique children’s interest in physical activities. These exergame activities are being used to promote group activities and interactions between youngsters, which is helping them build social skills too.

Teenage fitness in the Internet age

The teenage years are a complex period for youngsters where they are going through a physical transformation and mental confusion. It is also a period where they feel the pressures of peer groups to fit in and pressure to perform well academically and start thinking about their future seriously. Between the rigors of school activities and the distractions from over-exposure to the internet, teenagers miss out on themselves the care and many feel pressured to take shortcuts to fit the right body image. This leads to youngsters becoming bulimic or taking unhealthy supplements and adopting unhealthy lifestyles.

The role of Boys & Girls Clubs

Boys & girls clubs are places for positive reinforcement for most students as they are exposed to positive influences in the company of their peers.  The holistic approach to promoting healthy physical and mental habits through engaging activities helps students embrace healthy habits. The Boys & girls club teen exercise plays a very big role in promoting a healthy lifestyle and body image among youngsters. The time spent here refreshes them and helps them cope with the stress of their daily routine better.


Here is a list of 5 interactive fitness equipment that will be perfect for teenagers

1. Trampolines

Trampolines are a great addition to activity centers as they help teenagers and children relieve stress and anxiety while bouncing and playing together. Spending ten minutes bouncing on the marathon has the same benefit as a thirty-minute run. When teenagers bounce and fall on trampolines, they develop flexibility, core strength, and better body balance.

2. IDance

IDance is interactive dance and steps workout equipment that comes with a floorboard with light indicators, speakers, and an LED screen.  IDance as interactive fitness equipment comes loaded with group exercise games where the player can use their imagination to create their dance moves and progress to the next levels. It is a group activity and the more the merrier!

3. Obstacle courses

Patch and Railyard Fitness have an obstacle course that the trainer can organize anyway they please and the youngsters will have to do it in tandem for n-number of reps and time. They are fun, engaging, easy to assemble and capture an array of movements that will ensure that the players get a full-body workout.

4. Interactive Playground

There are becoming integral to Boys & girls club teen exercise plays as they are very easy to install and keep youngsters engaged for a long while. The interactive playground comes loaded with video games where youngsters can choose avatars and play with one another. They can also play popular sports such as tennis and football. The equipment comes with interesting sound and light effects to engage the youngsters and motivate them to move.

5. Climbing walls

Climbing walls such as the Ledgewall, Everlast climbing wall, and Trailblazer Traverse are a big hit among kids who don’t mind waiting their turn to start climbing their way to the top. As the youngsters navigate their way to the top, going sideways and upwards, they gain confidence in their judgment and movement. They also overcome anxiety as they move higher above the ground and learn to trust their instincts.

The interactive fitness equipment is designed to engage youngsters in the manner they will enjoy it, using technology and interesting activities. This equipment is designed to make them unconsciously work towards and build healthy habits.



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