5 energy-saving secrets for ironing your clothes

Some small appliances consume more energy than larger ones. Irons can put a huge strain on the energy you use. At the top, there are some excellent irons on the market for energy savings, not only for the electricity you use but also for your energy. Combine a good product with these energy-saving tips and you might be on your way to saving the planet. Visit this link https://heatpressling.com/how-does-a-heat-press-machine-work/

Before ironing all the clothes in the basket, think about what ironing really needs. The public dress code has softened over the years and the days of starched shirts, pleated trousers and beautifully embroidered scarves are long gone. 

Wet clothes are easier to iron

Removing the clothes before they are completely dry means less time to set the iron. It is easier to iron them, so it is not necessary to turn on the iron for a long time. Using a cloth spray also works well, as does a light spray with water. A drop of lavender oil in water will help remove creases after hanging clothes.

Use a tumble dryer

It is of course better for the environment, energy consumption and your clothes if you hang up online clothes outside. If you do have to use a dryer, make sure the clothes are twisted properly and take the clothes out of the dryer if they are damp, or use a drying cycle with an iron. Always try to minimize the use of devices.

Throwing a cloth soaked in water and fabric softener in the dryer refreshes the fabric and softens it, reducing your time on the ironing board.

Iron in bulk

Heating an iron requires more power than holding heat, so instead of turning the iron on for your everyday clothes, iron as much as possible in one go. Ironing is not a favorite activity for many, so installing an ironing board in front of the TV and operating the ironing cart on the road can significantly change the severity of the process.


Only iron clothes should be exhibited, such as tops and pants. Ironing under any clothes is actually pointless. Shirts that are worn under a sweater or jacket in winter only need ironing the collar and front flaps.

Regular press wear

When buying clothes, buy fabrics marked with a permanent press. They do not need to be ironed like cotton and can be washed in the washing machine on the correct cycle, saving time and energy during washing.

While the invention of electric irons was a great thing, there’s no need to cross the line and iron everything that goes through the detergent. Modern technology saves a lot of time, but can also deplete our energy reserves if not used efficiently.

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