4 Reasons to Go Green with Your New House Purchase

We all need this planet to stay going. It would be naive to say we don’t. We will definitely need it for a long time. Being considerate of the environmental impact, also called the carbon footprint, that we are all leaving behind, is 100% a good idea, and will likely be extensively implemented into the law in the future to maintain the safety and livelihood of our race. A certified passive house builder can create a house for anyone which uses up to 90% less energy for every day of its existence (if it is used and maintained accordingly), and that might be the biggest reason everyone should consider getting one. But the decrease in energy use is not the only thing you will love about your new home. Here are the 4 reasons we chose to purchase or renovate green.

  • Better lightning

Certified green home builders uses the natural light from the sun as an advantage for your day-to-day life. Considering the sun’s trajectory when building a house or renovating it can be a game-changer. It can stop you from turning on your bedroom lamp in the morning and help you wake up feeling better thanks to the therapeutic effect that waking up to the sun’s rays has for humans, and also guarantees natural light inside your house without the need for turning down the AC throughout the evening. It can even help you battle unhealthy stress since you and your family will get more vitamin D thanks to the sun exposure.

-Fresher interiors and exteriors

Inside a passive house, the temperature stays alike in every part of the interior. You won’t run into the bathroom and suffer from a heat wave in a bad moment, and come out sweating. If you have a hot shower, the heat will dissipate, so once you come out, you don’t sweat your life out. Same goes for the exteriors. Wind currents can and will be taken into account, along with benefiting from the structure to create more shadows for you to enjoy and catch a breath.

  • Safety

In case of a power outage, a passive house built by certified passive house builder still has an emergency backup system to provide you with energy in the meanwhile, so you don’t lose access to electricity immediately, giving you and your family more peace. Even if it is not that usual it is still nice to feel secure in case of any emergencies arising with the power system.

  • Style

The truth hurts, and in this case it will hurt your neighbors and guests who aren’t owner of a passive house built by certified green home builders. Because the truth is: Passive green houses don’t just feel cooler, they normally look cooler. Going to the yard and enjoying the shadow created by the building in the summer feels amazing, and the usually dark ceilings make the houses look a lot more contemporary. Also, your windows will feel bulletproof and they won’t glare as much as regular windows glare so prepare to be amazed by this and many more magical details throughout the whole house every day of every year.

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